For over 50 years, Albert R. Broccoli’s Eon  Productions has navigated the ups and  downs of the volatile  British film industry, enduring  both critical wrath  and acclaim in equal measure for its now legendary James Bond series. Latterly, this family-run business has been crowned with box office gold and recognised by motion picture academies around the world. However, it has not always been plain sailing.

Changing financial regimes forced 007 to relocate to France and Mexico; changing fashions and politics led to box office disappointments; and changing studio regimes and business disputes all but killed the franchise. And  the rise of competing  action heroes  has constantly questioned Bond’s place in  popular culture. But against all odds the  filmmakers continue to wring new life from the series, and 2012’s Skyfall saw both huge critical and commercial success, crowning 007 as the undisputed king of the action genre.

Some Kind of Hero recounts this remarkable story, from its origins in the early fifties right through to the present day, and draws on over a hundred unpublished interviews with the cast and crew of this iconic series.

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